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LandCraft Marine boat restorations
Interior and Exterior Boat Remodeling and Restoration
Your boat can be restored to look like any new boat on the market!

Do you have an old boat that needs an update?  Are you interested in buying a used boat but wished it had features of a newer boat?  Your boat can be refitted to look like any new boat on the market.  LandCraft Marine is one of the only facilities in the Midwest to offer complete boat remodeling and refitting (restoration) services!  Our restorations mimic the look and feel of a new boat at a fraction of the cost.

LandCraft Marine specializes in fiberglass/gelcoat repair and can either rejuvenate existing gelcoat or re-gelcoat your boat, including the addition of new or custom paintwork or decals. Our woodworking department can restore existing wood or teak within the boat or replace rotted wood floors, seat frames and other wooden areas within the boat. LandCraft can even reconfigure the interior of the boat if you are interested in a more modern appeal; this can include new seating, upholstery, carpeting, etc. Please note that we do NOT perform mechanical services.

The chart below highlights the drastic increase in the cost of a new boat, and this has made purchasing a new boat undesirable for many people. Refitting (restoring) an older boat has become a popular interest, but there are many variables to consider. Listed at the bottom of the page are links to articles that are very informative for those considering buying a used boat or considering a boat restoration project.
If your boat does not require a complete restoration, LandCraft specializes in fiberglass/gelcoat and structural repairs. Our services are available to the general public and we are also the repair service center for numerous boat manufacturers, boat dealerships, and large corporations who require a fiberglass service facility. Check out our boat repair picture portfolio to view some examples of our work.

LandCraft Marine is Chicago's most timely, professional, and requested boat repair facility. We offer in-shop, mobile & in-water repairs, as well as insurance claim handling. We offer many payment options, including financing, and we welcome projects of all sizes. Our team provides the finest quality craftsmanship in the Midwest!

Before inquiring about the cost of a boat restoration, here are a few MUST READ articles from boat surveyors and others in the boating industry:
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Check out some pictures of our work:
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