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Due to the amount of boat refit/restoration quote inquiries we receive, we have put together a simple questionnaire that will greatly assist in our ability to provide you a restoration quote and options. There are too many variables in each unique restoration project to generalize a cost quote, so the more information you can provide us the better we can assist.

Refitting/Restoring boats (under 25') are equivalent to restoring vintage cars in cost. However, we offer services to fit your budget and we accommodate partial refit projects and thorough maintenance services to achieve a great result on a limited budget.

The following questionnaire will allow us to know if your boat is a candidate for our restoration services. Information received in this questionnaire will allow us to provide a ballpark estimate. Once a boat is inspected at our facility you will receive an itemized estimate with descriptions, costs and estimated hours.

Before completing the form below and inquiring about the cost of a boat restoration, here are a few MUST READ articles from boat surveyors and others in the boating industry:
"If it took 2000 man hours to create a 30 foot boat, ask yourself how many man hours it will take to restore it. Bear in mind that it takes more time to undo something and then restore it, than it took to create the thing in the first place. Re-creation always takes longer than creation. - David Pascoe, Ret. Marine Surveyor"

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