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V-8 Powered Personal Watercraft Project

This is one EXTREME fiberglass body fabrication and reconstruction project on what was originally a Sea Doo LRV personal watercraft. Our Client came to us wanting to put a V-8 engine in his jet ski to make it the most extreme beast of a personal watercraft and... LandCraft has built it!

This Client had dreamt of building a V-8 supercharged personal watercraft that is the largest in the world. He certainly got our attention... and concern. The existing fiberglass body would need to be modified to not only fit the large, heavy motor and custom jet pump, but it would need to be modified in order to handle properly and safely in the water, and it would need to be modified so it floats! This required LandCraft Marine to engineer and design an entirely new type of watercraft and then, with extreme precision, fabricate and construct the hydrodynamic structure. This build is certainly one-of-a-kind.

The new machine is about 4 feet longer, 10 inches higher and contains all new guts including a custom supercharged V-8 engine, custom jet pump (852 Scott Waterjet), and large capacity fuel tank. It looks as dominating as it sounds. 

For this build, we have also constructed a custom fabricated hood with the capacity to fit 12 gauges into the custom fabricated carbon fiber dash panel, which lifts with compressed gas strut rods. What fun would a watercraft be without music? It has marine grade speakers and subwoofers, an amplifier and source unit for an iPod. It's hard to miss the large stainless air intakes which are needed to feed the engine. The custom watercraft also has new upholstery, a new steering column and a large rear seating area with stainless railings to bring daring passengers along for the ride. You'll need guts as strong as the watercraft to actually ride this thing.

We would have made a few different design changes if it were our own build, but we built the watercraft to have the extra seating and features our Client asked for. Without having a blueprint for this unique watercraft concept, our job was to blueprint and build a hydro-dynamically sound watercraft and construct a new watercraft structure that fits a large, heavy engine and jet pump into a personal watercraft body (a never before accomplished task). After the first and second sea trials, the Client had the watercraft out for some engine modifications, and slight hydrodynamic modifications were in process by LandCraft when the project was halted due to lack of funds to continue. We'll keep you posted if the final stage of hydrodynamic modifications are eventually completed.

The time lapse video of our EXTREME BUILD is coming soon to YouTube.

Pictures of the Project:
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